CHAIRish the Children – Groovy Gator

Just like last year, I’m donating a chair for the Louisiana Children’s Museum CHAIRish the Children event.  The theme this year is the funky 1970’s!  So fun!  My initial instinct was disco balls and afro wigs but I decided to go a different avenue.  I always like to incorporate a green eyed gator because the donation is coming from the gallery.  So I did a gator head on top of a 70’s inspired floral print.  I ordered some faux gator fabric off of etsy and upholstered seat of the chair with it.  I hammered some brass tacks around the whole base.  I’m really, really happy with it!  It’s one of those pieces I finished and then just wanted to keep for myself.

DSC_0246 DSC_0247 DSC_0248 DSC_0249

So there it is!  I dropped it off yesterday in time for it to be showcased during White Linen Night.  The event is on August 23rd.  It was a blast last year and so I’m looking forward to this year’s party!

CHAIRish the Children


No matter how busy I am, I have a hard time saying no to charity events.  If some one contacts me asking for a donation of a painting, I almost always say yes.  So, when I received my donor form in the mail for the Louisiana Children’s Museum’s biggest event of the year, I called and asked if I could make a chair for the event.  You see the event is CHAIRish the Children because tons of funky, unique chairs decorated by local artists are auctioned off.  Get it?  CHAIRish.

The LCM was thrilled with my request and so as soon as it was confirmed, I hit up craigslist looking for my chair.  I found an old high chair that had been posted that day. It was kismet.  Image

The theme this year is there’s no place like home; the museum is going to be transformed into a New Orleansififed Oz.  I decided I wanted to go with a green eyed gator theme because it’s a fun way to advertise for the shop and because I love a good gator.  I did three scenes where the GEG is having fun around New Orleans.  On the back of the chair he’s heading into Audubon Zoo, on the seat he’s taking in St. Louis Cathedral at night, and on the tray he’s enjoying a lucky dog.  I did my signature striping in shades of green and the back says “The Green Eyed Gator knows there’s NO place like NOLA!”  I did some paint splatter for some added texture, varnished it and called it a day.  I dropped it off yesterday and I’m SO looking forward to the event next month.ImageImageImage


Pretty stinkin’ cute, eh?  I wouldn’t stick an actual baby in it at feeding time but I think it would be great in a nursery for a little girl to feed her baby doll in and the tray could be hung on the wall!  Speaking of cute, I know I’m biased, but I’m pretty sure I have the cutest dogs in the world.  God, I love these two.ImageImage