Majestic as F*ck


So you guys remember when I mentioned that eagle bike I was working on?  Yeah, of course you do because EAGLE BIKE!  Well, I finished it and it made its debut this carnival season with the artist krewe of Kolossos.  My friend Katrina runs both Kolossos and The Bearded Oysters which is how I came to be involved in this project.  I put many hours into it and it was so worth it, I mean look at the picture above this paragraph from  That’s me with four Saints super fans majestically carrying red white and blue ribbon poles behind me.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt or looked cooler.  I may never look that cool again.  Freedom!

ImageI was doing non-stop paper mache while at my shop for three days straight, eight hours a day.  I was dreaming about it at night.  Everyone that came into the gallery loved it and kept asking, “So this is for The Mardi Gras?!”  It is, I would reply and think about how it’s odd that tourists feel the need to turn Mardi Gras into THE Mardi Gras.  Then I would just keep on sopping up glue water with phone book strips.  I took her on a test drive around the quarter to make sure she was road worthy, fixed some problem spots, and brought her to the art lofts where I painted her all up.


It only took me one day to paint thanks to Katrina having already done a base coat of white for me.  My sister Erin stopped by when she got off work and painted the claws for me.  She also brought me a slice of pizza from Pizza Delicious which was much needed fuel at that point.  Thanks Ern, shout out to you!

ImageImageMuses was the tricycle’s grand debut.  I wanted to be equally as fabulous as the bike so I made a huge feather head piece (because, necessary).  As for my dress, I got it from a costume liquidation sale from a theater last month.  It was a Donald Duck costume made for a chunky child which ended up being an almost perfect fit for me.  I chopped off the arms, added some sequin trim, and called it good to go.

ImageImageHow amazing does it look lit up?!  Amazing!  I can’t take any credit for that, I know nothing about adding lights to art trikes.  I rode it again on Saturday for Tucks and had an amazing time that day as well.  I got a lot of “MERICA!!!!” along the route and successfully started many “USA! USA!” chants too.  I’m hoping more pictures will surface in the next week or two because I was posing like a crazy lady.  The one above this paragraph and below were both taken by one of my fabulous artists from the shop.  Thanks, Loopy Boopy!  And that’s that.  Every year, when Mardi Gras ends, I’m sad that it’s over but excited to try and top my costuming and parading next year!


Halloween Recap

Holy crap, y’all!  I’ve been so busy.  I mean it’s November 5th and I’m just now getting ready to recap last week’s Halloween festivities.  First there was The Krewe of Boo Parade.  So much fun and a huge success!  It’s back in full force and was the first NOLA parade to throw only locally sourced throws.  Pretty amazing!  We hit up the after party at Mardi Gras World and followed that up with a night at Kajun’s Pub (our usual) and then I got sick the next day.  Whomp whomp.  Worth it!  We handed out treats, some of those hand painted oysters to thirty lucky folks along the route, and scared a lot of little children with those puppets!  I was a little worried parents would be mad at us, but they were dying laughing.   Image

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Gearing Up


It’s almost here!  Halloween!  My most favorite holiday!  It’s been a great month so far and I’ve really been getting into the spirit.  My decorations have been up since October 1st, I haven’t been slacking on costuming or side projects, and we’re nearing the haunting home stretch.  Two weeks ago, my sister Megan and I kicked off October with a quick trip to the Angola Prison Rodeo followed by a tour of The Myrtles Plantation.  I hadn’t been to Myrtles before but now I am eager to head back for an over night trip.  It’s GORGEOUS and it’s supposed to be super haunted.


My neighbor’s have this HILARIOUS Halloween decoration up.  Kudos, guys.  It succeeded in cracking me up!  I met this really lovely guy, an up and coming rapper, at the shop last Friday.  He knows Miley and promised me he would send her the picture.


Scott has been hard at work.  He’s been sending me skeletons for the gallery and he made me a KILLER belt for my costume.  Above is a preview of the belt.  I just about died when I opened the box  That guy is so talented!


Zombie Zack met his sister Nocturna for the first time last night.  I know this is odd behavior but I love those puppets!  I’ve had Nocturna for six years now and I’ve been contemplating ordering Zack for that long.  I finally pulled the trigger this year.  This amazing company, called Bump in the Night Productions, manufactures them.  Everything they put out is incredible.  I’m talking movie quality.  I also own their Peter Rottentail get up and I’ve been lusting after their Killer Klowns masks since they first released them.


The Krewe of Boo is rolling for the first time in two years on Saturday night.  It’s going to be a historic parade because they will only be throwing locally sourced goods.  As always, I made some fancy ass oysters to give away to some lucky parade goers.  I don’t know if Nate will be in, but incase he is, I made him a special ersta and I think it’s the funniest one I’ve ever painted.  It’s based on that time Nate, Nocturna, and I went and got family portraits done at Sears.  Yep.  Thank goodness my husband accepts, nay embraces, my weirdness.

photo-1Here’s to a crazy busy week!  Hope to see y’all at the parade on Saturday!

St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my most favorite holidays of the year here in New Orleans.  It’s like a mini Mardi Gras but you’ve had a chance to catch your breath and recuperate from the big one.  You know, the real Mardi Gras.  The Bearded Oysters participate in the Molly’s at the Market Parade every year (both for St. Pat’s and Halloween) and these are my favorite parades we do, folks.  They’re through the French Quarter so we’re allowed to be raunchier (not as many families).  We line up at Molly’s on Decatur and make our way over to the Erin Rose where we get to stop for an hour and take a potty break and refuel on booze.  Completely necessary.




These next two photos were taken by the very talented Mr. Roy Guste.  I took them off of his Facebook.  I love the movement and the colors he captures in his photos.  I also love that he managed to get a picture of all four of us ladies (myself, Jen, Reilly, and Megan), struttin’ down the street.  …and that group shot!  Um, awesome.  Thanks, Roy!






Incase you’re wondering, yes, I did add those shamrocks to the photos you see above you.  This old lady was just rocking out with her boobies a blazin’.  Oh and they’re pierced and the button says “Fuck me I’m Irish.”  Only in New Orleans, I tell you.  She was so sweet and was taking pictures with everyone who asked.  Basically, she rules.  I certainly wouldn’t have the confidence to just bare it all like that with a chain between my nipples.  You go, lady.

Saturday was the Irish Channel Parade, my favorite parade of the whole year!  I decided to close up the shop and go watch it.  My mom said I was going to miss out on lots of sales to which I replied, “I don’t work for myself to miss the fun things I want to be a part of.”  I really do try to keep regular hours but this was one of those days I wasn’t about to be sitting in the shop feeling sad over missing.  We always watch on Eighth and Magazine where we collect lots of sweaty kisses and  festive flowers from drunk men in kilts.  It’s quite an experience.  After that, our friends do the most fabulous crawfish boil.  This boil is what dreams are made of people.  Thank you Scott and Mindy, for feeding me delicious crustaceans every year.





I made it into work on Sunday, SUPREMELY hung over.  I was too partied out to participate in the Downtown Irish Club Parade.  Instead, I stayed at home with my sister and we dined on corned beef, cabbage, and soda bread.  It was the most perfect way to cap off the weekend.  Slainte!