About Shannon


Hey!  I’m Shannon!  I’m an artist and now a legitimate small business owner.  I was, in a sense, already one to begin with as I was making my money painting faces, bodies, and murals and selling art on the fence down in Jackson Square.  But now, I’m paying rent all because I decided to take a leap and open a shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  It was more of a two year goal but when the opportunity presented itself to me I said, “What the hell!” and I went for it.  I went into this not having an inkling of how to run a shop and I’ve learned so much already; namely, being a small business owner is HARD but rewarding!  It’s a ton of work, scary almost all of the time, but a lot of fun too.

afterglow copy

On this blog you’ll read about, let’s be honest here, whatever I feel like writing.  A lot about my shop (The Green Eyed Gator), my husband Nate and our dogs Gypsy and Carlos, why New Orleans is the greatest city in the world, my current art endeavors, the club I parade with (The Bearded Oysters), and some fun DIY tutorials and recipes that really pique my interest.  I really love dressing up so expect to see lots of crazy costumes as well.  Recently we purchased our second home and we will be doing renovations for years to come.  Expect to see plenty of that as well.

I’m writing this as a way to keep track of accomplishments, share milestones, congratulate myself on the good things, and vent about the bad things.  It’s going to be a sort of therapeutic exercise for me more than anything else.   So follow along with me if you’d like; I’m sure we’re both going to learn a lot along the way!


2 thoughts on “About Shannon

  1. Hi Shannon,

    Love your mannequin artwork! I have been wanting to change some things and re-paint two that I purchased for my jewelry shop here in Texas. Can you tell me the best paint to use? I want to completely repaint it, but don’t want to leave brush marks. Do you know of a brand of spray paint that comes in flesh tones? Also, what medium do you suggest for things like adding molded hair to a bald mannequin?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hey Anne!

      Thanks for the kind words! I ended up using acrylic paint for mine. I used paper clay to sculpt the hair and I didn’t have to use any sort of adhesive, it just dried right in place. After I did the clay, I primed the whole things with a thick coat of gesso. Following that, I painted the whole piece. I decided not to use any sort of sealer as I thought mine might get tacky. I haven’t had any chips or problems with them and they’ve been displaying jewelry and glasses in my shop for close to a year now. Good luck!

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