Baby On The Way


God, sometimes I just fall off the blogging wagon so hard.  It makes me sad too, because I really enjoy looking at my blog posts  from the previous year and looking at all of the ups and downs and day to day accomplishments.  Well, I haven’t written much because I’ve been so preoccupied by the baby growing in my belly.  Nate and I got a positive on that pee stick the day before we left for vacation at the end of August.  I was late and just wanted to know before we left.  I almost lost it when I saw the positive line pop up.  Despite wanting to run down the street screaming, it took us a little over a year to make it happen and so naturally, I didn’t want to jinx it by telling everyone.  I told my immediate family because I am truly the worst at keeping secrets, but other than that we kept it close to the chest well into the second trimester.  Part of that was because I want to surprise my Grammy on her 80th birthday.  Success, she was surprised!  I then had to tell the rest of my family to zip it so that we could surprise Nate’s family members that weren’t in the know yet over Thanksgiving.  Success again!  Then on Thanksgiving day, I told the internet world with the picture above and the cat was officially out of the bag. 10850032_10100231590158465_6146920408038283582_n

We found out on December 8th, my Dad’s birthday, that we are going to have a baby boy.  I had felt that it was a boy all along so it was exciting to be right.  Nate said I had a fifty fifty shot of being right but that didn’t stop me from gloating and then posting baby’s first dick pic for all to see.  I was waiting to find out the gender before putting the finishing touches on my Christmas card this year.  The tiny stocking was either going to be pink or blue, although I was tempted to just fill it in blue before the ultrasound because I was THAT sure.  I love the way the card turned out.  I spent quite a bit of time on it over a two day period while I was at the shop. 10863894_10100240096945795_7852916835452240689_o

So 2015 is sure to be a big year for us, for many reasons, but most importantly because we have a baby boy due during the second weekend of Jazz Fest.  For years now, I’ve been so excited to decorate a nursery and now that’s becoming a reality and y’all, DO I HAVE PLANS!!  I’ve picked the theme, made Nate do all of the wall and ceiling painting, and I’m hoping to start with the mural next week.  Pictures to come!

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